• April 19The Grant Whitaker Baseball Game will be held Friday, April 27 at 5 p.m. vs. Dansville.

  • April 18There will be a late start tomorrow, Thursday, April 19. School will begin at 10:09 a.m.

  • April 17All High School sports are canceled for April 17, except for Varsity Track.

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This video is about Teacher Influence - By Video Journalist Maria Risner

Panther Powered: FIRST Robotics Team Takes on First Competition
The Panther yearbook recognized for excellence, 2018 Jostens Look Book

April 10, 2018

The Panther has been recognized for excellence and featured in the 2018 Jostens...

Winter weather causes additional minutes

March 29, 2018

The heavy snow storms and unpredictable events are to blame for the minutes ad...

School switches to ALICE active shooter safety procedures

March 26, 2018

Special education teacher Kathleen Riley wanted to be a teacher since she was 7...

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How to not waste your time at Universal Studios–start with a game plan
Clawmarks: A new production

April 17, 2018

Every Wednesday after school, seven students walk down to English teacher Pa...

Working against stress, one belly rub at a time

April 13, 2018

As Monroe and Rosalee walk into English teacher Pam Gower’s room, the gasps a...

Cultural acceptance through athletics

March 27, 2018

With events such as the Olympics, different cultures are abundant in athlet...

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Photo of the week April 11, 2018
Gliding past the fear of falling

March 28, 2018

Peeking over the long edge of her snowboard as she adjusts her bindings, so...

Cheerleaders face the possible fear of imperfection

January 31, 2018

It’s not the glitz, the bows or the skirts. It’s much more than that. It...

From the classroom to the court

January 31, 2018

Set, spike, ace. Spanish teacher of 13 years, Christina Villegas, has taken o...

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How to get started on changing your life
Rejuvenation faces evaluation

March 21, 2018

Had a rough day at school, or work, or just want t...

A soldier’s beginning

January 11, 2018

On September 19, the United States military sent its ...


May 19, 2017

Imagine two people cloud gazing. One person sees a ...

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Help wanted: real representatives who can act like adults
How ‘Can’ Became ‘Could But Won’t’

Every year at Honor’s Night, the audience watches as those belonging to t...

What Democrats can learn from British Conservatives

On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump climbed aboard the gilded escalator in his nam...

For your information, that is cultural appropriation

Scroll through Instagram on any given day and you will more than likely see b...

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Teens want to be able to vote in your community
Sexual harassment is your issue, too

Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. Ben Affleck. Matt Lauer. Roy Moore. More and...

Keep our school as nice as it should be

Imagine having to pay for 11,516 iPhone 8 devices. That is how much it cost to pay...

Wealthy president, unhealthy priorities

Even though our country is past the 100 day mark of time with Donald Trump ...

JPEGMAFIA pushes the boundaries of hip hop on ‘Veteran’
Jaden Smith’s ‘SYRE’ shows promise, but no masterpiece

As he climbs out of his Tesla, looking as cool as the ice draped on his n...

‘The Color Purple’ leaves audience tickled pink

  Dear God,   Thank you for blessing the general public wi...

Song as old as time, or is it?

Elizabeth Cyr Finally. The most captivating Disney princess movie has finally come to life. To quote the movie, “be the guest” and experience ...



End of an Era

End of an Era

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Humans of Stockbridge

Rita Alonso, Senior Reporter
May 23, 2017

"Probably the happiest time in my life would be my first kid, Johnny. He was a fertility baby, if you believe it or not. It took me four years to get pregnant. We were married four years, and it took four years of taking shots and temperatures in the morning. I would say that's probably my happiest time."

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Humans of Stockbridge

Eric Johnson, Editor-in-Chief
March 22, 2017

Editor-in-Chief of InPrint, Riley Wilson, from Fenton High School. Uncaged editors-in-chief recently traveled to New York City for the CSPA spring conference. They traveled with students from Fenton High School as both staffs earned the Silver Crown for their hybrid print and web publications. Here’s what Riley had to say about the impact of journalism on her life: “As a freshman, I came from...

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Humans of Stockbridge

Senior Reporter, Rita Alonso
March 3, 2017

“Almost graduating is a weird feeling, because you feel like a kid and school has been all you've known you're whole life. It's like ‘What am I going to do after school.’ You don't know how you're life is going to go or what choices you are going to make, ya’ know. Some people don't even know where they're gonna’ go to school or what they’re going to be, and it's just like from the age...

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The student news site of Stockbridge High School