• March 9Spring sports start today, 3/9, right after school. Make sure you have a physical on file.
  • March 5If you are running track there is a meeting after school, 3/5, in the media center.
  • March 4Academic team photos, 3/11, starting at 11 a.m., so make sure you wear your team shirt.


Long Time, No See

Long Time, No See

Kaitelyn Walker, Opinion Editor

September 22, 2020

Courtney Fletcher remembers her first day of school as a secretary at Stockbridge Junior/Senior High School.    “It was a stressful yet happy day with new and returning students with their smiling faces hoping you can help them find their way to their classroom,” Fletcher said. &nb...

Kindness bridges friendship

Kindness bridges friendship

March 3, 2020

“They make me laugh and make me do my work,” eighth grader Wyatt Perry said. “Chris Hall is my favorite because we’ve been friends for two years now.”  Senior Chris Hall is a LINK for Wyatt—well, not not just a — but a friend, too. In the classroom, LINKS serve as students who help ...

Schools funding, not enough

Schools funding, not enough

Bella Roberts, Feature Editor

March 3, 2020

When small, rural schools do not have the funding necessary for classes and supplies, students suffer the consequences and teachers are left to stretch the budget. Teachers have to cover several classes and multiple grade levels and most don’t obtain an efficient amount of funding to buy supplies...

Special millage for education

Students going over vocabulary questions with Mary Waterhouse.

Mickenzi Merriweather, Reporter

February 26, 2020

A posting for a secondary special education teacher popped up February 4. This middle-of-the-semester opening signals need for assisting the growing population of special needs students and caseloads in the district. With steady growth, teachers just can not keep up. A caseload is the number of students...

Money’s influence on education

Money’s influence on education

Abigail Douglas, Creative Editor

February 25, 2020

The classic Ramen noodle dinner and the freshman 15 may be true, but how about winning the lottery?  Gen Zers in college struggle day to day to afford housing and other expenses. These expenses can be more than money, like time available to study instead of work.  “Studying is something I st...

Secondary roads earn secondary safety

Chris Kaltner, Assistant Editor

February 24, 2020

Senior Oriana Hackworth rose out of bed the Saturday morning after a terrible January snowstorm. She had hoped that road workers would have plowed the backroads she lived on by the time her late morning shift started. They hadn’t. Hackworth spent hours getting ready for her shift at 10 a.m. As ...

Rural students travel the extra mile for sports

The girls Varsity Basketball team filtered on to the bus to travel 36 minutes away to compete with Leslie. The score of the girls game would end up being 41-23 and the boys lost 57-67.

Emily Breslin, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2020

“Usually teams get on the bus upbeat,” bus driver Leslie Reasoner said.  Reasoner has taken countless teams to their games. Seeing them from the time they get on the bus, during the ride with athletes talking, listening to music and eating, to when they board the bus again with either a victo...

Common among individual and team sports: injuries

Common among individual and team sports: injuries

Justin Jaszkowski, Web editor

February 3, 2020

Boys basketball: 2 injuries. Competitive cheer: 1 injury. Wrestling: 1 injury. Bowling: 1 injury.   The numbers look good, but according to athletic director Meghan Kunzelman, winter sports injuries resulted in slight sprains all the way to concussions. No matter the sport, athlet...

It’s okay to ask for help.

Tyler Showerman, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2020

Over 71 percent of students said they have experienced some form of anxiety according to a sample survey taken in December 2019. Out of the 7.7 million teens and children in the United States with a treatable mental health disorder, at least half of them did not receive treatment from a mental health p...

Working hard to prevent teen drug use

Bella Roberts, Feature editor

January 29, 2020

He may only be a sophomore, but he has accomplished much in working to help others. This student is Brenden Yannella, who has been a part of SRSLY for 7 years now.  SRSLY’s mission is to empower and equip area youth to reach their full potential by remaining substance-free. His motivation? Y...

Making dreams reality

Sydney Switzenberg, creative editor

January 28, 2020

Imagine a future where all your dreams come true, every little thing that you wished you could do in life happened. Now, this could be you but only if you actively look for ways to achieve those dreams of yours. Rushing things along won’t pay off in the long run. Instead of jumping head first i...

Do dreams mean anything?

Isabelle Bliss, staff reporter

January 26, 2020

Senior Brandon Nelson dreamt about going to college to play football, and he thinks it was a sign. “I thought it was crazy to dream about something like that, but it really strengthened my decision to play football in college,” Nelson said.  Like Nelson, we have all wondered why we dream what we dream. Ma...

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