• January 20NHS Induction is postponed until further notice.
  • January 19Hannah Reyes returned to Stockbridge High School on Jan. 18.
  • January 18The COVID-19 dashboard for the Jr./Sr. High School reads 120 COVID-19 cases as of Jan. 18.


Theres like three types of violations: group one, group two, group three, and the higher the number, the more severe the consequence.  Principal Jeff Trapp

Minors tried in adult court

Lilly Williams and Samantha Chamberlain January 14, 2022

On November 30, 2021, Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old Oxford High School student is suspected of shooting and killing four of his fellow classmates. He is being charged as an adult with terrorism, assault...

PHOTO: GWEN ROGOZINSKI Junior Kayla Surline uses her phone. I use social media almost all day, said junior Jolie Smith, Most people use it a lot.

Social media causes student stress

Lilly Williams, Staff Reporter November 27, 2021

On October 26, a hearing was held by the U.S. Senate with YouTube, Tik Tok and Snapchat. This action was due to the negative effects that social media has on young people.  Popular influencers and...

Student stress and the turn on the TV

Student stress and the turn on the TV

Kathryn Brumm, Social Media Editor November 25, 2021

From the outside, Joseph Cool is just your ordinary high schooler. But, in all actuality, he has his struggles. Through days of arguments with friends, pressure for his future and the importunate feeling...

PHOTO: GWEN ROGOZINSKI Junior Kayla Surline uses her phone. I use social media almost all day, said junior Jolie Smith, Most people use it a lot.

Rise in misinformation lowers trust in media

Lilly Williams and Gwen Rogizinski November 24, 2021

People have lost trust in the media. Six in 10 U.S. adults believe the media to be untrustworthy, according to a poll on the impacts of misinformation done by Gallup.  Trust in American media has been...

Fall round-up: Sports seasons final standings

Fall round-up: Sports seasons final standings

Gwen Rogozinski, Staff Reporter November 18, 2021

  FOOTBALL The varsity football team ended the season with two good wins after several gains and losses. The team got two good wins to end their season. After beating St. Charles 28-14 for...

To reduce stress, it is beneficial for students to take unstructured breaks. According to the American Phycological Association, high amounts of stress can cause serious health issues. Junior Ashlee Chubb goes into a dark room to take some time to herself. Sometimes if Im having a hard day, my teachers will let me go be alone and calm myself down, Chubb said.

High school worsens the mental health of teenagers

Olyvia Hoard and Samantha Chamberlain October 14, 2021

Last year in Michigan, 66,000 children went without treatment for depression. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in children and teenagers, according to Mental Health America. Even though...

For a photography contest senior Justin Jaszkowskiestablished a scenery shot. With this photo he made it all the way to states but he fell to his competition when trying to compete for regionals.

The Wilson Talent Center: Go there, you’ll never want to leave

Justin Jaszkowski, Uncaged Online web Editor-in-Chief October 14, 2021

I want to be a photographer or a journalist, but I'm still in the decision process. With the second year new media program I have learned about all of that and more. Since it is all independent based work,...

Senior Sam Nichols playing Bloons tower defense in the computer lab. Like many students in the school, Sam likes to play video games in her free time.

Playing video games increases healthy brain stimulation

Kaitlyn James and Veronica Wilson October 14, 2021

After long durations of tireless gaming, when the crust begins to form in the corner of your eyes, there are two decisions to choose from: either to keep going, or to pause and resume at a different time.  Video...

While working with academic support student Trevor Poole, teacher Joshua Killom explains a tough government assignment. Killom’s classroom is a friendly environment that helps students learn and work through their struggles.

Modern-day heroes: Carrie Kalmar and Joshua Killom link students to a better education

Merle Wilson and Kathryn Brumm October 8, 2021

Every morning, kids of all shapes and sizes scamper into school to learn. However, there’s one group of kids who have a tougher time than others. School can feel like a battle for them.  According...

Michigan cases rise, provoking schools to go back virtual learning

Michigan cases rise, provoking schools to go back virtual learning

Annie Borowy, Staff Reporter June 24, 2021

She knew from the start that when we came back from spring break, that the district was going to have a major increase of COVID-19 cases.  “My prediction did turn out to be reality when we got shut...

Freshman, Maggie Jones

Lives changed drastically, varied coronavirus experiences

Amber Knoll, Staff Reporter May 28, 2021

Freshman Maggie Jones gets up and logs onto her first class of the day, which is English, at her  desk in the corner by the window. She has a small break between her first two classes so she rushes to...

BuLLY or ALLY? Which “LLY” Are You?

BuLLY or ALLY? Which “LLY” Are You?

Olyvia Hoard, staff reporter April 25, 2021

Roughly 8% of all high school students in the United States report being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. That may not seem like a lot, but it is roughly 1.3 million teenagers in the United States alone.  LGBTQ+...

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