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The student news site of Stockbridge High School


The student news site of Stockbridge High School



Uncaged is the award winning news publication of Stockbridge High School, you can see our awards below.  The news site holds high standards to inform, entertain and enlighten our readers with a variety of timely articles.  Keep up with Uncaged by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat (UncagedNews).

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Stockbridge High School

416 N. Clinton

Stockbridge, MI 49285

Editorial Policy

Uncaged is the student news site for the students of Stockbridge High School. It is an open forum for student expression. Uncaged provides staff members with independent reporting opportunities and individual critique. Writing is based on a wide variety of research for a broad, and often critical, audience. Staff members may explore and develop visual skills through photography, art and graphic design activities. Business skills are learned through the need to sell advertising and newspapers to remain financially solvent. The experience demands responsibility, cooperation and teamwork. Uncaged is committed to professional journalism standards. Our memberships include the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, the Journalism Education Association, The National Scholastic Press Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

Something to say? Letters to the Editor must include the writer’s full name and telephone number for contact and not exceed 150 words in length. Satire, columns and interesting features in reaction to other material are encouraged. All letters are subject to editing if the content is inappropriate for publication. Anonymous letters or letters to the third parties will be disregarded. These letters can be dropped in Elizabeth Cyr’s room #207 in the freshmen hallway or emailed to us at [email protected].


Put-Up Policy

When putting up an article, Uncaged Online will follow these guidelines:

We will confirm information to be used for accuracy, context, perspective, truth and coherence. We will also determine whether sources used are credible and representative of diverse and knowledgeable viewpoints. Uncaged will clearly attribute all information as needed for clarity and authority. Uncaged will avoid anonymous sources except in situations where they are the best and perhaps the only source and where identities need protection. Uncaged will ensure information has gone through a vetting process with editors. Uncaged will train and background reporters in legal and ethical issues. Uncaged will clearly indicate the source and ensure its credibility if using crowd generated content.


Take-Down Policy for Recent or Archived Content

When asked to take down an article Uncaged will follow these guidelines to make an ethical decision.

Uncaged will do everything in our power to ensure the safety and privacy of everyone in our community. We will look at each situation individually to make a decision that is best for that person.

Uncaged has the right take down recent or archived content with discretion.  Uncaged will go through many considerations based on advice from The SPLC (Student Press Law Center) and our staff as a whole.


Ethical guidelines
Uncaged may be asked to remove online content for any number of reasons. Just because content is unpopular or controversial does not mean we should comply with such requests. When Uncaged meets it’s goal of producing consistent, responsible journalism, we likely will choose to leave the content in question online even in the face of criticism.

All media – including student media – provide a historical record of issues, events and comments. As such, content should not be changed unless there are unusual circumstances.

Staff manual process
Content should not be removed unless the student editorial board determines it is factually inaccurate or was otherwise factually, legally deficient at the time of publication. The staff manual  provides a checklist or guide students can use to determine whether a takedown request has merit.

• In some cases, student editors may take down a story because they determine the content warrants a one-time exception (such as fabrication or to protect a source).
• Reporters may elect to do a follow-up story.
• If student editors choose to remove content, they should publish a note on the site explaining when and why the content was removed.
• Takedown criteria should be outlined and explained in the staff manual.
• Create guidelines and procedures to ensure students only post information and images they feel meet standards of responsible journalism: Put Up guidelines.

*Policy informed by JEA and SPLC (Student Press Law Center)*


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