• March 9Spring sports start today, 3/9, right after school. Make sure you have a physical on file.
  • March 5If you are running track there is a meeting after school, 3/5, in the media center.
  • March 4Academic team photos, 3/11, starting at 11 a.m., so make sure you wear your team shirt.


Difficulty Breathing

In Michigan, MHSAA’s new pandemic regulations on sports have affected many athletes. As of June 2, athletes are forced to wear masks during their games, and many other sport specific rules were put in place. (Pictured from left to right, Jonah Huskey-Wright, Jacob Olson, Jordan Huskey-Wright, Isaac Lance and Carson Oversmith).

Isaac Lance, Reporter

October 9, 2020

Senior Luke Suojanen, captain of the soccer team, reminisces to previous seasons and how he wishes the sport was played the same. “It’s been pretty hard for the team to adjust, the masks make it hard to get the oxygen you need to keep running,” Suojanen said. “It’s definitely affected our s...

Changing the game of football

The varsity football team takes on Comstock for their first game of the season on September 18. They remained persistent when the season was very unpredictable, proving that in the first game with a 47 to 21 win.

Larissa Boyce, Reporter

October 9, 2020

 Quarterback Riley Kennedy thought the first varsity football practice was great. “It was cool being around all the guys and having fun,” he said. In fact, Kennedy had “no clue” of what he would be doing if he wasn’t playing football.  As these players were allowed to go back to the field, they have...

Money talks for the NCAA, sort of

Money talks for the NCAA, sort of

Spencer McLennen, Guest Writer

February 21, 2020

On September 30, 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom of California signed a historic bill that could alter the future of the NCAA. This bill would allow NCAA student-athletes to profit off his/her likeness, without losing NCAA eligibility. This was the first step to a new beginning. The definition of the N...

Common among individual and team sports: injuries

Common among individual and team sports: injuries

Justin Jaszkowski, Web editor

February 3, 2020

Boys basketball: 2 injuries. Competitive cheer: 1 injury. Wrestling: 1 injury. Bowling: 1 injury.   The numbers look good, but according to athletic director Meghan Kunzelman, winter sports injuries resulted in slight sprains all the way to concussions. No matter the sport, athlet...

Strong finish in Panther Invitational hints to season title for cross teams

Cooling down after the quick race, Dalton Satkowiak 10, Micah Bolton 9, Brock Jones 11, Collin Cook 9, Andy Schlaff 11, Cameron Brewer 11, Ryan Owen 9 and Ben Chapman 10 of boys cross team take another lap around the home course. The team finished 4th in the meet.

Emily Breslin, Staff Reporter

December 5, 2019

On a beautiful Saturday morning in the village, the birds were chirping, the morning sun rising, and the dew still fresh on the ground. That was until the steady pounding of feet swept it off the grass. On September 28, the Panther Invitational hosted teams from GLAC. Results of the race ended with both teams fi...

Coach returns from time off the volleyball court

Flitz. Carissa Heinzman 11 participates in the butterfly drill which is designed to help players pass accurately. Coach Amy Knepley watches her players complete this task.

Isabelle Bliss, reporter

November 28, 2019

A new, but cherished face appeared when Amy Knepley returned from her time off of the court. She is back and determined as ever to help make the girls volleyball team win the district game and to make the team even stronger than before.  Motivating the players to improve their skills, drove Kne...

Fantasy football scores attention of local NFL fans

Competition. With his teammates running beside him, #6 Brad Niec is also running against them in his fantasy football league.

Tyler Showerman, Staff-Reporter

November 14, 2019

Fantasy football scores attention of local NFL fans (Sports Feature/Culture) Staff Reporter Tyler Showerman Imagine a world where you could handpick the best players across the NFL to craft your very own team. The talent of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Ezekiel Elliott and Le’Veon Bell could b...

First time players bring a push to improve

Sophomore Malena Rosedale practices shooting goals and dribbling in the practice soccer field for her upcoming soccer game. Communicating with other teammates with a smile and building up to kick for a clean pass.

Bella Roberts, Staff Reporter

May 21, 2019

The girls junior varsity soccer team started the season with a loss of 0-8 but are determined to get the ball rolling. In spite of the season start, coach Jeremy Killinger has a positive outlook for the season. One contributing factor: the team is a lot bigger than the 2018 roster with a total of ...

Take a hike

While hiking Brown's Canyon, junior Baylee Heidrich knew the views was too good to take a photo of Mt. Princeton of the Collegiate Peaks in Chaffee County, Colorado.

Morgan King, Content Editor

May 20, 2019

SALIDA, COLORADO-We started where the Chalk Creek runs into the Arkansas River. On the hike beside Ruby Mountain up a trail, there is a point where the trail is right next to a little valley. At that point we got out the compass because we were going off the trail and straight down into the valley. ...

Muddy Situations: Dirt Bike Riding

Eighth grader Connor Allen rides his dirt bike on loose ground in Grass Lake.

Bella Roberts, Staff Reporter

May 15, 2019

Eighth-grader Connor Allen rides his dirt bike whenever he has time. One of those times proved to be the scariest. The throttle on his dirt bike got stuck wide open and he hit the pool deck. He was terrified of getting hurt, and for good reason. He ended up with a burn on his arm. Allen counts ...

Gliding to gold

Under the eyes of many spectators, Samantha Nothnagel, 7th, grade practices at the rink inside the Chelsea Arctic Coliseum.

Chris Kaltner, Staff Reporter

April 18, 2019

On the ice rink at the Arctic Coliseum in Chelsea, Michigan, Samantha Ann Nothnagel gets off to a gliding pace with a look fierce concentration. She waits. Then, with her momentum, she leaps into the air and twist and lands back on the ice. With a loud click, it is known that her practice has paid off....

Passion for sports dwindles in youth

Track Coach Chuck Bumpus instructs freshman Brooklyn Roshow how to run with proper form and a steady pace on a windy spring day.

Chris Kaltner, Staff Reporter

April 18, 2019

After she had been on the soccer team all season of her freshman year, Anna Schlaff had yet to make a goal. Then, someone saw her potential and advised the coach to put her in as a forward offensive. Schlaff had three minutes and the chance to prove herself. She scored the final goal that the obliterat...

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