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The student news site of Stockbridge High School


The student news site of Stockbridge High School


Nicole Wadkins

Nicole Wadkins, Creative Editor & Web Manager

Standing 151 cm tall and running on spite alone, Nicole Wadkins is the Web developer and Creative editor for Uncaged. This is her second year joining the family. She is the vice president for NHS and an officer for student council. Nicole plans to pursue a career in graphic design and will go to college to get her degree after graduation. In her free time she likes to watch and read anime while playing with her dog. Nicole also enjoys arts and crafts. Her zodiac sign is Taurus and a personality of INTJ.

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When Opportunity Knocks

Nicole Wadkins, Creative Editor
May 21, 2024

[Video] Reaching for the stars

Seniors give advice to first graders who want to go into the same field
Maggie Jones, Reporter
May 6, 2024

[Video] Senior Q&A

Olyvia Hoard, Social Media Manager
May 2, 2024
Nicholas Phillips stands next to a statue depicting Chief Washakie of the Shoshone people while touring the Washington D.C. museum. Photo provided by Nick Phillips

Nick meets D.C.

Winners of Congressional App Challenge in Michigan’s 7th district
Nicole Wadkins, Creative Editor
April 30, 2024

Beyond the classroom

Nicole Wadkins, Creative Editor
April 23, 2024
Screenshot 2024-04-22 140314

[Photo] Uncovering history

Sami Wilson, Reporter
April 18, 2024

[Video] A more humane society

Humane societies pave an important road for animals in need
Taiyler Stanfield, Editor-in-Chief
April 22, 2024
“Smaller schools are a lot less accepting of minorities,” freshman Eli Wells said. “But it is a lot easier to get to know everyone.”

[Photo] Beyond City Limits

Olyvia Hoard, Social Media Manager
April 5, 2024

[Video] Trying something new

Senior Drew Robinson switches to golf his junior year of high school
Annie Borowy, Reporter
April 19, 2024

[Video] The way of the weights

Lifting weights becomes popular among young adults
Gary Killinger, Reporter
April 12, 2024

The endless scrol

Nicole Wadkins, Creative Editor
March 15, 2024
Robot in a flower field

Answer key to color by pixel

Nicole Wadkins, Creative Editor
February 1, 2024

Behind closed doors

Nicole Wadkins, Creative Editor
February 2, 2024

[Video] Stop Suicide

Melanie Satowiak, Reporter
January 31, 2024

[Video] Uncovering the truth

An anonymous Q&A where staff tackle student concerns and provide advice
Taiyler Stanfield and Macy Cipta
January 11, 2024

[Video] Food Finance Filth

The harsh reality of mindful consumption
Jordan Ousley, Kaitlyn Oversmith, and Maggie Jones
December 20, 2023

[Video] Holiday happenings

Olyvia Hoard, Social Media Manager
December 16, 2023

[Photo] A new beginning

Daniel Loomis, Reporter
October 12, 2023
Answers: 1&D; 2&C; 3&B; 4&A

Past, present and future

Nicole Wadkins, Creative Editor
October 31, 2023
Sports Wanted in school (1)

[Photo] Art Contest

Jolie Smith, Reporter
February 8, 2023

Humans are a work of art

Nicole Wadkins, Reporter
November 28, 2022
Teachers who are given a Breakfast Buddies invitation can choose from a variety of options.

Breakfast Buddies

Nicole Wadkins, Reporter
December 1, 2022

Art is everywhere

Nicole Wadkins, Reporter
November 30, 2022
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