Helpers #1 10-9-20  

Hello! Aubrey here with a new health paragraph! Today’s topic is fidgeting! 

Fidgeting is a big effect on kids with anxiety, and some pick or pull hair to fidget too! These options are not healthy, which cause scars on the head and body. Here are some good ways to fidget.

Fidget toys: Lots of these work! It’s a way for your hands to get distracted! I personally have lots        of these. Most fidgets you can buy off of amazon in a 30+ pack for 20 dollars. Some examples   

of fidget toys are fidget cubes, spinners, squishies, stress balls, and bean bags. 

You might not be able to do the downward dog in the middle of class, but you can 

stretch! Break your knuckles, stretch your hands out, flex and then relax them! 

 ask your teacher if you can walk around! If not, walk in place. These help a lot, and they make you feel a little better!

Hope these help you out! That’s it for this week, see you next week!

 – Aubrey


Helpers #2 10/12/20


Hello! It’s Aubrey back with another blog! Today we are talking about stress. 

Stress is a feeling where you feel tense, and it can horribly affect you and your body. Some side effects from stress are stomach aches, Insomnia, Weakened immune system, and low energy. 

Don’t overwork yourself! If you have a new project due, work on it 30 minutes a day, don’t work on it last second. If you are stressed with work, take a break day, go to the spa! What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t pressure yourself into a mental breakdown. Some ways to deal with stress are fidgets, hanging out with friends/family, taking a walk, getting a good night’s sleep, and to eat healthy. 

Well that’s it for now, see you in the next blog! – Aubrey, 7th grade


Helpers #3 10-30-20

Hello! Aubrey here with another Helpers article! Today we are going to talk about coping skills. 

Coping skills help when you are panicking. Some coping strategies I use are looking around the room and naming specific items you see. Some good coping strategies are petting an animal, sleeping, drawing, and getting a hug. 


Coping can really help out your anxiety by distracting you. From personal experiences, I use coping all the time! Sweet smelling items can help as well. Feeling stressed at home? Light a candle! Lots of candles help me out because their smells calm me down. 

That’s it for today! See you next time! – Aubrey Williamson, 7th grade


Worries #4 1/22/21

Today we are talking about politics. As you may have seen in the news, Biden has just moved into the white house with his family and vise president Kamala. That is very stressful for a lot of people wondering what will happen in these next 4 years. 

 A Lot of people are excited that Biden won, others are upset that Trump lost the election. Some people think that there was plagiarism involved. While my opinion is on either side, it is my opinion that there was no plagiarism. 

Politics can be stressful during an election, so i suggest taking a break from the news, and go for a walk. That can help by making you less stressed with what is going on. I strongly believe that this helps.

That’s it for today, see you next time!


Helpers #5 11-10-20

Hello! Aubrey Here with another Worries Article! Today we are talking about PTSD and ADHD.

 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Often known as PTSD), is seen when someone faces a very traumatizing moment in their life. It will cause them to see hallucinations of the moment and loud noises can trigger them into a mental breakdown. A lot of people with PTSD are from the army and fought in a war for their country.

 Attention Deficit/hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, is a disorder that gets you hyper at random moments. It can also make you very distracted and lose control of your body. I myself have ADHD, and need help a lot in class because I get distracted way too easily. Some people confuse ADHD with PTSD, even though they are completely different things. 

Some ways to help people out with these is just to support them when they are having a rough time. 

Well then, that’s all i have for today! See you later! – Aubrey Williamson, 7th grade


Helpers #6 1/11/21

 Today we are going to learn about social anxiety.   The most common type of anxiety is social anxiety. Social anxiety is when you get anxious while talking to people. 

Most people with social anxiety think that everyone they talk to hates them. As a person with social anxiety myself, it is very hard to deal with, especially in school.

Ways to cope are listening to music, talking to a therapist, and don’t focus on yourself! Focusing on the hate on yourself overloads you with sadness.   Focus on the good things.  

That’s all from me, see you all in the next one!


Helpers #7 11-6-20

Hello! Aubrey Here with another Worries article! Today we are talking about toxic people. 

Toxic people can be anywhere, Even yourself could be secretly toxic! If you ever befriend someone who is toxic, either work it out between them or end that relationship! This can happen with friends, family, relatives, or couples. Staying in a toxic relationship can only make it worse.

Some signs of a toxic relationship are Jealousy, dishonesty, disrespect, using you, toxic communication, controlling behaviors, and physical or vocal abuse. If you are experiencing 3 or more of these from 1 person, try to fix it. 

Thats all i have for today! See you in the next one!  -Aubrey Williamson, 7th grade


Helpers #8  3-29-21

Hi! AJ here with another Worries article. Today we are going to talk about abuse. There is a trigger warning for this, we will be talking about different kinds of abuse. 

Some kinds of abuse are animal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and child abuse. We today are talking about physical and emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can be when someone is too jealous of you or is very manipulative. It can be very bad for our brains and can cause trust issues. Physical abuse is when someone physically hurts you. If either of these are happening to you, maybe consider calling this number (1-800-799-7233) thats all i have for today, see you later.