“The Secret To Teen Power,” a compelling non-fiction book dangles the keys to success

“The Secret To Teen Power” holds the keys to success and much more. How to make friends, build relationships and even attract money into someone’s life—all are revealed in this riveting book. 

Paul Harrington, the author, also created a movie called “The Secret” and has written an adult version. 

So, what’s the secret? The law of attraction. 

In physics, students learn everything in existence contains energy. Since thoughts have energy, what someone thinks will become their reality. 

Ever wondered why teachers have always said,”Think you will do well on your test and you will,” instead of saying, “I am going to fail.” Same concept. 

Not only does this non-fiction masterpiece focus on the law of attraction, but it also promotes a growth mindset. Harrington suggests that people focus on the bad whether it is in the news or on social media. What would happen if we finally just focused on the good?

This book literally holds the key to success. The best part is Harrington so selflessly gives away tools to manifest the things readers want most in their lives. 

Each chapter is labeled with the most common desires such as money, love and nature. While the book was written for teens of all ages, it would help anyone from the age of 13 all the way up to 19.There is no cap on the age and the impact it can have on a single person. Readers will find it easy to read, easy to understand and the takeaway makes immediate life changing results. 

A growth mindset conquers fear, provides abundance

Abigail Douglas, assistant editor

Waking up and choosing greatness is the best way to start the day. 

Participating in positive affirmations and encouraging self talk can make a tremendous difference in how someone leads her day, and even her life. This practice is called a growth mindset. 

The core of this practice is being able to openly see an issue, but instead of self degrading, finding ways around it and making a positive out of a negative. 

I was introduced to the growth mindset and its applications to education at a month-long workshop for teachers in the spring of 2019,” physics and algebra teacher Bryan Tasior said. “It immediately resonated with me and pointed out how our education system fails our students in this way.” 

A growth mindset includes positive self-talk, encouraging and proposing new ideas along with giving one self the benefit of the doubt. An example of this: instead of going to school to pass, go to learn. Accept the bad grade on a test, and then learn from that mistake. Not knowing the information is going to only hurt the student. Not the teacher. 

“I knew that day that I would make a point to not only foster a growth mindset with how I interact with my students, but I would also directly teach them what it is and the benefits of understanding it,” Tasior said.

A fixed mindset occurs when a student focuses only on basic abilities. 

“We have all heard people say, ‘I am just not a math person’ or ‘I’m just not a physics person,’” he said. “This is an indication that they have a fixed mindset.” Tasior thinks this attitude just sets up a student for failure. 

The law of attraction can be simplified in this way: Whatever someone puts out into the world is what someone gets back

In practice, it comes down to the vibes a person gives off, because we all have energy. Whatever overpowering thoughts are in the forefront of the mind are going to be the ones manifested in life. 

This law has always existed, and as long as the earth is moving, and people are still on it, it will forever exist according to Kathleen Hurst in the article “6 Science facts that prove that the law of attraction exists.” 

The power lies within the reader. Creating a change in mindset as well as verbalizing those thoughts not only can bring money, relationships and more into someone’s own little universe, but it will also help create a more positive and open individual. 

“It just made sense to me that thoughts become things, and I guess that I like the idea that we can have more control in our lives than we think,” seventh grade math teacher Alexis Dyer said. 

Facts about the law of attraction 

It never stops working, because energy can never be destroyed.

It directly affects every single one of us.

It works by your dominant thoughts and feelings. So, it’s all about your vibe.

It can be your worst enemy or your biggest strength. It manifests what you think, and if you think negatively, then negativity will come your way. 

It is the scientific law of the universe.

The power of positive thinking has been proven and supported in medical journals.

Neurologists have discovered that the use of visualizing goals makes one more likely to succeed in them.

The use of affirmations is greatly encouraged.

Creating dream boards to constantly see and remind yourself helps improve your successes.

It is all about likes attracting each other.