Misguided Americans disgrace our democracy with a riot in the U.S. capitol

The U.S. Capital was stormed by protestors, but why?

Surely, the reason cannot be a theory of election fraud born of unsubstantiated claims and disproven evidence? Surely, this unwarranted violence and disruption of the democratic process of the United States has a reason worth taking five lives? Sadly, this is not the case. This mob of Proud Boys and average Americans have been manipulated by our former president since he first ran for president in 2016.


They created this unpatriotic mess to serve the purpose of one man’s plan to continue his presidency illegally because he simply cannot accept he lost to President Joe Biden. Former president Donald Trump insulted our election system and falsely claimed many times the election was fraudulent and rigged. Many believed him and continued their fanatical support of him, which eventually led to this absolute disgrace of the Constitutional Right to peacefully protest. Americans across the nation witnessed this troubling event unfold, watching as our country’s reputation was tarnished and the democracy so many lost their lives protecting was threatened directly. 


The true purpose of this riot was not some heroic act of preserving our country and saving it from a so-called “evil left,” but it was the last resort for a deceiving politician who has amassed many fanatical followers. This riot is eerily similar to the beginning of Hitler’s power-stealing plans which started with the Beer Hall Putsch. The United States should be deeply saddened, and angered, by our former president’s actions, and the actions of our fellow citizens, as they have disgraced our country, threatened our freedom, and threatened our beautiful democracy. The government and people will heal, but this riot will forever be a stain on the history of our country, our democracy.