Unnecessary build up to Senior Portfolio

Senior portfolios and presentations.

Being a studious person during the school years is an important step that can help you get into college. You’ll want to have this attitude to gain new opportunities in your favor.

Senior Adam Twining thinks that senior year is the same as any other year and being successful as a senior is not as difficult as it is drawn out to be.

“A lot of things are hyped up,” Twining said.

During the courses leading up to senior year, working on keeping a good GPA is in a student’s best interest. Keeping up with assignments and turning them in on time is the best way to do well in school. Senior Anastasia Schlaff advises some risk taking as well.

“You want to take classes that will set you apart from everybody else, like AP classes and harder classes or different classes than everyone,” Schlaff said.  

Advanced placement classes stand out on college applications, they show the admissions counselor that the applicant is ready to start completing college work. One of the projects that seniors must complete in English in order to meet graduation requirements is the senior portfolio project. 

This presentation covers a student’s personal journey through high school by highlighting lessons learned and struggles experienced. Seniors who just experienced the event, report taht it is not something to be super nervous about because they were required only to talk for 11 minutes.

“Yeah, it’s not that difficult. You just get up and talk. Don’t be nervous about it,” Twining said.

Talking about the absorption of light to plants, Andrew Carriero bases his presentation for the senior portfolio exhibition on photosynthesis