Sultans: A beautiful attempt to honor The Beatles

Bobby Long’s Sultan introduces modern 60s sound

Bobby Long succeeds as a musician, mixing music types like paints and turning the microphone into a canvas. He mixes genres like English folk and Americana with country and tops it off with an authentic rustic sound.

Long’s multiple works include “A Winter Tale,” “Ode To Thinking” and his newest release, “Sultans,” with the help from fellow musician Jack Dawson.

“Sultans” encompasses less acoustic tones than Long’s previous albums. The 33-year-old musician recorded this album to pay homage to his love for The Beatles and their albums like “Sgt. Peppers.”

According to Long, while his wife was pregnant, he recorded and wrote the album.

“I was taking some time off the road and we recorded in Brooklyn,” Long said. “We had to play it by air as we recorded it, so it was over the space of about a year—a day here, a day there, that kind of thing.”

“Sultans” gives a beautiful tribute to The Beatles, with songs like “Goodbye,” as a perfect example. The guitar introduction almost has a spacey, trippy feel, easily described as a close musical relative to Jefferson’s Airplane’s “Go Ask Alice,” before switching to an early 60s Beatles vibe, alternating between the two.

A personal favorite, “Serpentine,” with its heavy hitting guitar, iconic to the music era Long emulates. The guitar riffs that appear after the vocals solidify that feeling even more. The background “ooo-ing” makes this track only fit the era more.

“Sultans I” and “Sultans II” were the original starting blocks for the album, which flourished from there. “It came along pretty early, but originally ‘Sultans’ was just one track,” Long said. He also touched on the concepts he prepared differently for the album.

“Vocally, this album was different for me,” Long said. “I was really inspired by John Lennon’s vocals and the rawness he would get, especially on early Beatles records or his solo stuff.”

Bobby Long truly shows how easily he can tweak his sound with this album, going from his slow acoustic sound to an album that recreates the 60s iconic pop sound.

The album is $9.99 on iTunes, and is available on Spotify, Play Music, and can even be purchased on vinyl.