Resource Officer recruited


Zabrina Yannella

Engaging with students at lunch, Resource Officer Brad Hagman engages with Students at Lunch. Hagman hopes to take on a mentor role to the students and be someone they can talk to.

The junior/senior High School has received a School Resource Officer. According to principal Jeffrey Trapp, the Resource Officer was hired for the purpose of furthering a school-wide initiative to maintain the safest learning environment possible.

“The resource officer will be able to handle situations that our regular staff cannot,” Trapp said. “The officer will be able to work at lunches and other large gatherings of students.”

Officer Brad Hagman of the Stockbridge police department has taken on the role.

“I’ve been with the Stockbridge police department for two years and I was with a different police department for a year before that, Hagman said. “I took a training course with the company Nasro before I officially started the job.”

Kael Youngblood, a junior enrolled in the Wilson Talent Center’s law enforcement program, thinks the addition of the Resource Officer benefits the school.

“With all the fights that have been happening lately, the officer might be a good thing to have,” Youngblood said.

This addition is just the latest increase in school security that came with the bond.

“My office will be located in the new gym” Hagman said. “My schedule will be inconsistent, but I will try to be at the school at least a couple days each week.”

Hagman started on December 7.