Setting the pace

Uncaged earned Pacemaker Finalist award


Zabrina Yannella

Reporter Logan Connolly works on how to amp up a layout created on Indesign.

The Uncaged student news team received a nomination as one of the 2017 Pacemaker Finalists, and the editors will be attending the JEA/NSPA Conference in Dallas, Texas later this fall.

A press release was made my NSPA on Wednesday to congratulate the winners.

“The Pacemaker is the association’s preeminent award,” said Laura Widmer, executive director. “NSPA is honored to recognize the best of the best.”

Uncaged currently possess two Pacemaker Finalist awards.

“I seriously can’t believe that Uncaged has been nominated for a Pacemaker both years I’ve worked on the paper,” editor-in-chief Kali Roskowski said. “It’s an incredible feeling when you’re from such a small, insignificant town and your work is being recognized nationally.”

Getting the nomination is only “half of the battle” according to Roskowski.

“The blood, sweat and tears that went into last year’s editions was insane,” Roskowski said. “I was always stressed out, but I’m glad that the hard work finally paid off, and I’m excited to see if we will actually win.”