2016 Student mock election results

On Monday, November 7, social studies teacher Jennifer Lueneburg held a mock election  in which students were able to vote for the U.S. presidential candidate they saw fit. The winner of the student mock election was Donald Trump with 53 percent of the students voting for him. Hillary Clinton earned 24 percent of the votes.

“I kind’a knew it was going to happen like that,” sophomore Hannah Gutting said. “Everyone knew Trump would win. A lot of people have more against Hillary than Trump.”

As could be expected, the Democratic and Republican nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respectfully, scored the most votes. Despite having the majority of votes, some students felt unhappy with the two choices.

“It’s a reflection of what’s actually going to happen,” senior Sarah Shevrovich said. “I feel terrified. It’s like choosing between two evils and you have to choose the lesser because neither are great.”

While most students chose between the two main canidates, a considerable amount of students opted to vote for a third party candidate.

“The results represented what the school thinks,” senior James Fredenberg said. “There’s a lot more conservatives because of where we live. People care more about issues like the 2nd Amendment and border security. That’s not how I feel, though. I voted for Gary Johnson. I don’t have faith in the two other candidates.”

Results from the student mock election.
Results from the student mock election.