What I think

At the nearby University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, racially offensive fliers have gone up cautioning white women to stray away from dating black men. Messages like “He’s much more likely to abuse you,” “He’s much more likely to have STDs” and “Your kids probably wouldn’t be as smart” were just a few of the slurs written on these fliers that unknown students plastered around the campus.

“What do you think of the racially offensive fliers that were put up around the University of Michigan campus?”


“I think they’re ignorant, and I think they represent a really wrong viewpoint on black people and interracial dating. I’ve never seen actual statistics that say that, like, if a white woman dates a black guy, they are more likely to be raped or for them to be violent towards the girl, so I think that’s skewed. I myself, have dated someone who is half black and they have never been, so that’s just completely wrong.”

“How do you think the school should go about punishing those involved with the fliers?”

“I guess what I think would probably work would to be just really push forward that acts like that won’t be tolerated, and people found doing things like that will be punished in some way, maybe expelled or suspended. I think you can find that anywhere in a diverse place, or a place like Stockbridge where there’s not a lot of diversity. There’s always going to be people who are closed-minded and have hateful views; I mean, they’re usually the minority and there is just a select few who are really angry and have a skewed view of the world. That type of hatred is kind of hard to completely erase, but you can do your best to just say, ‘hey that’s not okay.’”