Bringing home the elite gold

Legacy Dance Championship



Junior Autumn Shingledecker dancing her hip hop solo to ‘London Bridges.’ “We’re usually one of the smaller studios there, but we usually place well,” junior Autumn Shingledecker said. “It’s a great experience.”

Behind the curtains, Jazzy Jen’s dancers are waiting to enter the stage. They walk on, and the crowd roars with applause and cheers. The lights are blinding. The music starts, and the dancers, Callie Belt, Katelyn Outwater and Autumn Shingledecker transform the stage into their own world.

On  April 16 and April 17, Legacy Dance Championship was held in Grand Rapids. Jazzy Jen’s School of Dance in Stockbridge went to the competition with both solo and group dance numbers.

“Our company won a lot of gold and elite gold awards, and our highest scoring dancer won a platinum award,” junior Katelyn Outwater said. “For my solo, I won an elite gold award and got third overall in my age division.”

To prepare for the competition, dancers designated practices throughout the weeks before competition to focus on different aspects of their dances. One day was dedicated to facials, another focused on technique and walking on and off of the stage.

“I think we did exceptionally well, especially since practices have been rough lately,” senior Callie Belt said.

Eight high school students performed at the competition on one or both of the competition days, with some performing up to five dances in one day.

“My favorite dance was my solo,” Belt said. “It was a lyrical solo, and since I am a senior, I got to choose a special song, ‘Finally’ by Fergie. It had a lot of sentimental value to me since I am a senior, and I am finally able to do what I want.”