Sincerely, two concerned girls in the high school


Audrey Bradley

One of the notes taped in girls’ locker room. Several were up in restrooms in the school on April 22.

On Friday, April 22, notes in the girls’ bathrooms concerning the dress code appeared as soon as they disappeared. The note was written anonymously by two girls at the high school, who are still unknown. Over the course of the day, notes were taken down and were only seen by a small number of girls in our school.

“Girls should be able to express themselves, to an extent, and we should not make excuses for boys,” sophomore Audrey Bradley said. “This is a new generation, and if boys can wear tank tops so can girls.”

The note talks about how school is already stressful enough, and how super strict dress codes just give girls one more thing to worry about about during the school day.

“I liked it a lot that some of the girls at the high school wanted to stick up for themselves, and I’m mad they took them down because we should have freedom of speech,” said Bradley.