Battle of the beliefs

Creationism should be taught in our school science classes

For some, they may think that God is just some made up entity who slut shames and hates gays, but I beg to differ. Imagine sitting in biology and learning about how the earth came about through the theory, known as evolutionism. As a Christian student, I was forced to learn about evolution my freshmen year, but goodness forbid, public school law says we can not learn about how God created man.

According to Joseph Levin, Ph. D, science writer and producer, evolution is the “change in a kind of organism over time; the process by which modern organisms have descended from ancient organisms.”

The world was no accident though and neither were the people put on it.

“I’ve given sermons on this,” biology teacher Jeffrey Trapp said. “My biggest thing is showing how our world is so remarkable by teaching about it, which leads to showing how remarkable our creator is.”

Being a Christian and teaching evolution may sound conflicting, but to Trapp, it is not a conflict at all.

“I teach evolution by definition, which shows there is scientific evidence for and against the evolutionary theory,” Trapp said. “It’s when it becomes the theory that goes back and tries to connect it to how all life began. Evolution is proven but if you try and trace it back it becomes a theory. It’s science against science.”

The Bible gives Christians and non-Christians alike reason to believe that creationism is real, but most scientists think that this is not a valid form of data.

“To me it’s just a group of people who are trying to force their belief system into public education,” biology teacher Diane Brooks said. “Science is about data, and there is not any proof to back up that data.”

I believe that the Bible is all the evidence needed to tell us that creationism is real.

There is one major problem, though. The government will not allow us to learn about creationism.

Public schools are not allowed to teach religion as it goes against the First Amendment. The law states that people have freedom of religion. If schools started teaching creationism, they think it would be promoting religion. I disagree with this. Simply learning an alternate way of the earth being created that has relevant information to back it up is scientific to me.

This generation is so focused on pushing Christianity out of public schools, but we as students should have the right to learn both evolutionism and creationism.

Evolution and creationism, and other known philosophies should be taught hand in hand in Biology classes. Students can choose which theory they personally believe in.

“I think it should be considered an option,” freshman Alexia Tanner said. “Since we aren’t really given any options but to learn evolutionism.”