Quarantine or suspension? What is the difference at this point?


Last year you never had to worry about falling behind if you had to quarantine, you simply checked google classroom and joined google meets. Now we have abandoned all of that. Why? 

In the age of the internet, you would think 5-14 days isolated at home wouldn’t create such a barrier, yet it has.

There is no consistency among teachers and what they need to provide. Although daily google meets and entirely recorded lessons aren’t necessary, a simple daily agenda, office hours, or online versions of assignments are. 

Countless peers have expressed frustration with a lack of resources available to them when they are quarantined at home, some have even failed assignments due to this void. We began this year like it was a ‘normal’ year and even though cases have spiked, we continue this charade. We can’t just pretend there isn’t an issue. Putting on a blindfold doesn’t make the fact that many of our classes are plagued with absent students go away. 

As COVID-19 runs rampant through the U.S. we are left with an all-around frustrating situation. At this point, it is a better situation to have COVID-19 because often you quarantine less and have 90 days of safety from being stuck at home again. 

These issues are not just affecting students but staff as well. Not only are students lacking resources but also teachers. If you are in a class where the teacher is out sick, you are screwed. You have little help and an even lower chance of being provided resources. 

We have made a mistake by entirely eliminating virtual learning. Are those of us who are immunocompromised or living with those who are simply supposed to hope for the best now?

There is no excuse to not be able to have a basic standard for what to provide students online. I mean we have had a year and a half of practice, so why just stop?  

The lack of consistency sparks a familiar feeling to that of March 2020 when no one knew what they were doing. 

You can reach out to teachers, friends, or whoever but that isn’t nearly as reliable as being able to know that every day you can see what was done in class. 

Emails are missed, teachers are busy, friends don’t always understand, google classrooms are barren. 

Why are we regressing, even before COVID-19 we were provided with better resources, and that was when students would typically only be out for a few days when sick. 

Something needs to be put in place to resolve this issue, especially with the rapidly growing number of cases signifying that this is nowhere near over.
At the end of the day, it comes down to communication and commitment to each other. 

Teachers, be committed to doing your best to provide online resources.

Students, advocate for yourselves. You have a right to education so be receptive. 

This isn’t over so why pretend everything is fine.