Changing the game of football

Fewer spectators, heightened safety equipment, no hand shaking


Alexandria Teachout

The varsity football team takes on Comstock for their first game of the season on September 18. They remained persistent when the season was very unpredictable, proving that in the first game with a 47 to 21 win.

 Quarterback Riley Kennedy thought the first varsity football practice was great. “It was cool being around all the guys and having fun,” he said. In fact, Kennedy had “no clue” of what he would be doing if he wasn’t playing football. 

As these players were allowed to go back to the field, they have to take safety precautions.

“In order for the football players to have practice, they can’t physically distance themselves all the time so they have to wear masks and they have to bring their own water bottles instead of sharing them,” head coach Jeremy Killinger said.

The traditions that teammates normally do after a game or after practice are more restrictive. 

“They did do team things and now they are not allowed to do that,¨ Killinger said. “The guys liked to come in a huddle and talk. There will be no hand shaking at the end of the game instead we will raise our helmets to the other team.”

Also restricted will be the number of fans at the events. 

“The players and coach can have two people come and watch,” Meghan Kunzleman said. “They have to show their pass as they walk into the stadium. Coaches are monitoring their athletes and make sure they wear their masks.” 

And, fans will be able to see the game through live stream.

“We have put cameras in during the summer, so they can see the football game,” Kunzleman said.

In Drew Robinson’s ninth year of playing, he explained even one more change to his game.

“We get to play four quarters for JV, and then they get to play one quarter for varsity,” Robinson said. “I think I will be fine out on the field with bigger players.”