The shadow print reads; “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA DOESN’T KILL KIDS”. The intention appears for this to be a negative reverse physiological or subliminal, message, but is a correct statement! AR or MSR (modern sporting rifles) have specific appearances, but appearance does not make them “Powerful”. Power is determined by caliber, powder, bullet type and weight. The statement “If police officers do not use them, neither should you”. Is Incorrect! The Stockbridge Police Department as well as other departments use AR or MSR rifles in .223 or larger calibers. Obviously words like; “Obliterate”, “Power”, and “Kill” as they were used throughout the article, shows a hidden narrative, was very one sided and misleading.. Self defense firearms Instructors, law enforcement and firearms attorneys will dispute what is written in the “Safety” portion. To find out the right, take a CPL Class and speak with a firearms attorney. Many politicians speak loosely about weapons and know not of what they speak. The firearms that citizens can legally purchase are not “Automatic Weapons” or “Weapons of War”.