Meditation Is Key


There is a way to reduce your stress, anxiety, and improve brain function.

It’s meditation, and you can do it right now.

Meditation has gained popularity for helping lowering metabolism, improving breathing, brain waves as well as reducing stress. There are lots of benefits for practicing meditation and there is an abundance of research that supports the idea that meditation helps the human body.

Meditation can improve focus and academic performance, while reducing stress and anxiety according to the Knowledge Review.

But, meditation can be useful because of all the stress that is associated with going to school and getting good grades can affect how well we can prepare to into a good college or start a career later on.

Some colleges and universities have meditation rooms or buildings and encourage students to use them. University of Michigan students who want to practice meditation can do mindful based practices and they have a slew of options open to the students on and off campus, said a  website that the University of Michigan wrote called ‘Student Life University Health Service.’

Thinking that meditation is just not for you?

Well, there are different types of meditation. Not every type will fit with a person’s lifestyle. Healthline describes a few types of meditation are mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation and transcendental meditation.

In any form, it teaches deep self connection, and methods to calm down and look at a stressful situation in a different light.

It gives you different ways to approach situations and people. People who have neuroticism, a personality trait strongly linked to anxiety, sadness, and similar emotions, may find it to become less of an issue. This allows people to feel more happy and content with their lives. Young people should consider participating in meditation to help them get over little problems that are continuously bringing them stress and stacking on top of each other.

Everyone, especially students, are in need of time to calm down and forget about what happened at work or school for a few minutes. PsychCentral wrote that, “Most teens find it difficult to sit, breathe and focus on the present. Their world runs at a mile a minute, and they need to keep up.” Meditation allows your mind to open up and grow so you can grasp and explore new ideas. It brings out creativity and limitless possibilities. When you can focus and clear your mind your brain becomes more efficient and faster at analyzing problems. So, give it a try.