New absent policy to limit unnecessary absences



senior high school principal Jeffrey Trapp

“We want to continue to make this a better place,” junior high school principal Meghan Kunzelman said. A new absent policy is the next step to continue on this path. 

Students who skip one class or the whole day have created an issue.

“The teachers thought that we needed to strengthen the absent policy,” Kunzelman said. Over the summer the district came together to address the problem and create a solution. 

Seven absences per semester in a class will cost students credit for that class and the ability to participate in extracurricular activities.

The district has created a system to allow students to earn their credit back by attending Saturday school, passing the final exam, earning a 77% or in the course, or by the completion of credit recovery, according to information presented at the meeting by Kunzelman and senior high school principal Jeffrey Trapp.

junior high school principal Meghan Kunzelman

If students exceed the absent limit, privileges to attend clubs, athletics or performing arts, school dances, and home sporting events will be lost. However, by attending Saturday school and completing the course these privileges can be earned back.

To entice students, prizes will be awarded each quarter to one student. Each week a student has perfect attendance, their name will go into a drawing for a prize.