Teens both isolate and accommodate their social lives

Reading. Something Oliva Fletcher may be found doing quite a bit. English teacher Pam Gower thinks Fletcher's strength as a reader is her joy for reading.

Amelia Pulley

Reading. Something Oliva Fletcher may be found doing quite a bit. English teacher Pam Gower thinks Fletcher’s strength as a reader is her joy for reading.”She enjoys it so much that she seeks out books that will keep her interest,” Gower said.

On any basic Friday night, freshman Olivia Fletcher sits at home in front of the television while playing video games. “I’m usually staying in reading, playing video games and eating,” she said. “I  rarely ever leave the house.”

A stereotypical activity for introverts: staying inside with no social interaction.

Being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean that introverts don’t like doing social things, it could mean that it just drains the energy out of them. “The common misconception is that being introverted means that you’re shy. That’s not necessarily the same thing,” Dr. Krisan Fedokovitz, a school psychologist, said. According to ConnectUS, introverts are more focused. This would be a really good trait for tasks prioritizing independent work and allow introverts to focus on one assignment at a time. A wider attention span is a benefit for those in school or in work places.

“I don’t really like talking to people,” said Fletcher. “I like keeping to myself.” Becoming drained during social events and wanting to stay in to regain your energy could resemble signs of an introvert.

Fletcher explained that her being an introvert resulted in not have many friends, but the ones she has stick to her side.

Extroverts get noticed. They prefer, at least from my experience, situations where there’s more going on, more people in the environment more activities,” Fedokovitz said.

“I go out of my way more than most people,” said sophomore Malena Rosedale. “I’m always trying to lighten people up and support them.” Rosedale thinks that sports really bring out the extrovert in her.

Sophomores Peyton Killinger and Malena Rosedale laugh about a joke that Rosedale told outside of Ichiban in Jackson, Michigan. Extroverts usually hang out with one another., “Killinger thinks she classifies as and extrovert. “I’m way more outgoing than most people, “Kllinger said. “We both just really don’t care” about people’s opinions.

Being an extrovert, some perks would be easily getting along with people and making new friends.
“I think sometimes I talk too much,” said Rosedale. “I always say how it is, and I’m not afraid to say my piece.” Being a leader and sharing your opinions with people who don’t feel the same tends to be a courageous act.

Extroverts are known to be out of focus and this could affect school work, but for Rosedale that is not a problem. “I have straight A’s and have an easy time learning,” she said.