Snarls of politicians

Cruel language in government influences youth and destroys civil behavior

Psychologists say that putting down other people is a result of humans’ old predatory instincts, so it only makes sense that this toxic behavior has spread to the political scene.

Politicians claw their way up the ranks by spitting nails of hatred at one another. This toxicity portrayed by both parties destroyed 2018, resulting in Oxford making the word of 2018 “toxic.” We are represented by our politicians, and we have the power to change this behavior in the next election.

Republicans, like North Dakota’s representative Roscoe Streyle, can try to make America great again, but telling people with different opinions to “go pound sand libtard” only makes America hate again.

Democrats look to unite the nation, yet still feel uniting is to call competitors “sexual predators,” like Senator Harry Reid called President Donald Trump. Ironically, these same Democrats support Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton, who was impeached due to his lying about sexual relations with an intern.

Our leaders, who make life or death choices on our behalf, bicker like children looking to be the favorite child. We, the American people, are the parents, and it is time to discipline.

We live in a time where news is everywhere we look. This would not be an issue, however, our politicians constantly say horrid things. Multiple degrading comments are made by Republicans and Democrats alike, looking to be the better one. This name calling and vileness can be explained by a study done by Muzafer Sherif, a social psychologist.

Sherif found that when two summer camp boy groups were separated by names, and had to compete in a win-or-lose competition, the two groups would call each other vile names and even resolved to violence. This reaction proves the realistic conflict theory.

In politics, candidates win or you lose. There is no participation trophy, and according to the theory, when there is no second place prize, competitors go all out.

Another reason senators try to destroy each other in the political arena is this assertion of superiority called “rankism.” It is when humans think they are better than one another, so they put the others down, and see no issues. This issue can explain some prejudice in our nation’s history and has been around for millenia. So, you might think it is impossible to fix.

Wrong. Issues like anti-semitism, sexism and homophobia all come from this exact problem, and it has come to the point where our society has said enough is enough. Why when the exact issue pops up, but under a different name, do we not see the issue? Why do we continue to support these politicians?

Because we are in the same groups, not as leaders but as followers. When the leaders lose, the entire group loses as well. When these politicians insult each other childishly, we see it as fit for the dumb opponents.

However, the issue drives much deeper than this. America’s youth are constantly seeing our politicians and the daily progression of our elections. How can the youth believe foul language is not professional when politicians use it constantly, and there are no repercussions?

In fact, in an Twin Cities Pioneer Press interview with a petition organizer, which asked for the resignation of Roscoe Streyle, he believed that “if a third-grader said, ‘go pound sand libtard,’ they would be in a lot of trouble,” Stave said. “If a state representative acts like a child, they shouldn’t be in power.”

Being politically incorrect only goes so far, and then it is just rude. A respectful youth cannot be raised in a non-respectful environment.

There is a solution, however. Instead of insults, politicians could use actual information about how plans will work. It is possible to win an argument without insulting others looks, personality or intelligence.