CADL’s gives musicians new opportunities

The CADL’s attempt to help local musicians get heard.



Ashton Havens and Scott Crandall play in the town square as a part of the Market Music Series.

This upcoming September, Stockbridge musicians have a unique chance to show their talents, and could even get $300 worth of professional time at the Troubadour Recording Studio in Lansing.

The Stockbridge branch of Capital Area District Libraries is starting a new competition called SongLab 2018, scheduled to take place, September 15 and 16.

The rules behind SongLab are as follows: All music performed must be original, the act must provide sharable sound files to audition, and at least one member of the act must live in the Stockbridge, Michigan school district and at least be 12 years of age, or be an alumni of Stockbridge High School.

The five acts that are selected to perform will play for a maximum of 40 minutes at the CADL Stockbridge Library and will all be awarded $80 gift cards from Marshall Music. Additionally, the acts chosen will be entered into a drawing for the $300 in professional recording studio time. The live version of the songs will also be recorded and put on CDs that can be checked out and will be on CADL’s website to be streamed.

Sophomore Mickenzi Merriweather thinks that SongLab makes the discovery of her band, iejir, more likely.

“It makes me feel like I have more of an opportunity to get out there and show off what me and my band can do.”

Applications and agreements and sound files must be completed and received by Friday, July 13. For musicians who want to apply, call the CADL Stockbridge Library at 517-851-7810.