A perfect movie for a nerd of any generation

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A perfect movie for a nerd of any generation

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Let me give you a quick recap. “Ready Player One” is set in the year 2044 where the world has fallen into a great depression. The only place to actually feel wanted, or even needed, is the OASIS, a virtual world created by a man called Holiday. In the OASIS, any player can do whatever he can think of. His limit is set to his imagination. Unfortunately, Holiday dies, and with his death, he leaves an Easter egg in his game. Whoever can find all three of his keys that he hid within the OASIS, will control the OASIS and inherit Holiday’s multi-billion dollar fortune.

End recap.

I am obsessed with movies, videogames, and the virtual world. When this movie came out, I freaked. I was so excited to see a movie that would have everything I knew.

If someone were to watch this movie, without prior involvement with lots of other movies and video games, a lot would go straight over his head. However, he would still be able to follow the plot even though it takes a lot of hard work, creativity and reference out of the film, which is why I recommend this movie to other movie lovers and video gamers. They made thousands of references from the good old movies like “The Iron Giant” and fantastic video games like “Overwatch.”

Besides the incredible amount of jokes and movie/video game references, the overall movie flowed well.

Although, there were some parts that lacked, such as the romance. The main character, Wade Watts, fell quickly in love with a female character named Samantha Cook, maybe too quickly. The audience did not learn a lot of the main character’s casual life or relationships, but the romance should have been expanded due to the fact that the two characters never spent any time outside of the main plot of the story. Wade and Samantha should have had some interaction outside of their goal of finding all three keys.

This was not the only spot that was rushed. The transition between each adventure the characters went on and the way Wade and Samantha realized instantly what to do next was a bit of a bummer. Fortunately, the producers only did this mistake a couple of times. It is also reasonable, too, because it is a movie and they really only have a general amount of time to fit everything in.

Everything else in this movie was fantastic. The references, the fight scenes, the emotional view on the characters and the animation was just amazing. I give “Ready Player One” an 8/10, and if you are a nerd like me, I urge you to see this as fast as possible.