Obamacare is unsustainable

The fact that Obamacare bring deficits of over $1 trillion per year should be enough to prove that it is not working, and in a few years, millennials are going to be the ones left to clean up that mess.

The leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties are debating whether the Republicans on President Trump’s cabinet should work to revoke the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known to the public as Obamacare, and initiate President Trump’s health care plan called the American Health Care Act.

My answer is “yes.” As the future leaders of this country, we should be wanting to make a proactive change.

It is time for the kind of change that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will bring.

Low and middle income families will receive monthly refundable tax credits to help pay for health care through President Trump’s new plan, according to the White House website.

It will not be a one-size-fits-all plan, like Obamacare, thus saving taxpayers money. AHCA takes off nearly $1 trillion in tax paying. We should be supporting this because our money would no longer be going to strangers who do not need it. Under the American Health Care Act, there would not be the issue of giving away money unnecessarily.

According to the American Tax Reform, a Republican taxpayer advocacy team, the AHCA also makes it easier for families to have direct control over their health care funds, making the system more efficient.

The old federal health care law (Obamacare) was created to ensure that every American has affordable health care. However, the idea is failing.

President Obama’s idea was to use a “shared responsibility provision” plan, or an individual mandate, which would change the healthcare system by citizens only paying a minimum essential coverage, or be eligible for an exemption. If citizens did not pay this coverage, or did not have an exemption, they must pay a monthly fee.

President Trump suggests to partially repeal Obamacare with the American Health Care Act. The goal behind the American Health Care Act is to eliminate the federal funds the public health programs receive, and “restrain the growth in health care costs,” according to the website of Congress.

The American Health Care Act is a stronger health care system than Obamacare because the citizens have different needs. Under the Obamacare system, some people would be given more than they needed, which is a waste of resources.

According to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative group who aims to keep traditional American values, Obamacare “expands eligibility to all individuals earning less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level,” which causes a struggle in providing for everyone who needs it, causing more problems.

The Heritage Foundation also finds that, “By 2021, 46 percent of all Americans will be dependent on the government for their health care.” This is not okay. As time goes on, the percentage of people in our country relying on Obamacare will only increase, and eventually, more people are going to need it than the amount of people who can contribute. There is no possible way for our country to be able to maintain the use of Obamacare.