A new routine

Senior high syncs start time with the junior high


Abbey Salyer

Walking back to her first block online class, junior Michelle Zemke does not mind the two minute difference. “The time change won’t really affect my routine in the morning,” Zemke said. “It honestly doesn’t matter to me, two minutes isn’t going to make or break my schedule.”

The puzzle pieces come together as enrolled teenagers as two previously separated schools become one . For the purpose of convenience, the senior high students will begin two minutes earlier than the previous 7:37 a.m. start time.

“We wanted to have [students] start at the same time so we could do the announcements in the morning at the same time,” Trapp said. “The whole idea was if we all start at the same time, we’re able to actually have everybody listening right at the beginning of the day.”

Trapp also mentioned school bus schedules will still remain the same for everyone.