Shielding from the sun

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Shielding from the sun

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Summer is a time to sit in the sun, soak up the warmth and take in vitamin D. Most people are aware of the dangers of the sun, skin cancer, sunburns, even sun poisoning, but they do not take the proper measures to remain free from these sun-related issues.

Doctors recommend daily application of SPF (Sun Protective Factor) to insure healthy skin, wearing UV protective wear when spending a lot of time in the sun and applying aloe after being in the sun for a long period of time.

Most people assume that they will not get skin cancer if they don’t use tanning beds and they apply sunscreen when they head to the beach, but applying SPF once or twice at the beach just a few days out of the summer and not using tanning beds is not going to cut it.

“This idea that ‘I will get a tan to protect myself’ is like saying ‘I am going to burn my skin a little with a lighter so I can put my hand in a campfire.’ I was burned once, and that was all it took.” Pricipal Richard Cook said.

Wearing UV protective clothing is important even when it is not summer, applying SPF is needed more than just a couple times at the beach or by the pool, and aloe should not be applied only after a sunburn.

“In 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage 3a melanoma. I inherited a genetic tendency to develop it, and I was severely burned once in high school. I had a large patch of skin removed from my back (about the size of a mini football) and several lymph nodes removed. It took two weeks before I could really move in any real way; the skin was extremely tight where the patch was removed and the edges pulled together with staples.” Principal Richard Cook said. “I am extremely conscious of the sun for myself and my children, who could easily have the genetic tendency. Because going outside is something we do everyday, it is a constant reality in my life. Every activity or trip is viewed through this lens. What I want people to realize is that a tan is skin damage. UV protective clothing isn’t hard to find. There are multiple online sites where they can be purchased and even stores like Walmart or Meijer have sun protective wear.

“I use sunscreen during the summer, and I use it about every hour because I burn easily,” Gwenyth Martin 11 said. “I do get sunburnt easy and fast even when I’m using sunscreen. Although I apply sunscreen, I don’t buy UV protective clothing because I didn’t even know they existed.”

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers types and people often forget that they have a good chance of getting it.