Can’t Silence US

All my life, I’ve heard the expressions you throw like a girl, that’s good for a girl, or similar variations of that phrase.

What’s so wrong with doing things “like a girl”?

Women are strong and powerful people, and should be treated as such. Girls are no less than boys, and we need to get rid of sexist stereotypes to destroy the negative mindset that this creates for young girls.

When I was younger, I played on a kids T-ball team. The team had a mix of boys and girls. At only six years old, I was told by the little boys on my team that I was doing things “like a girl.” Why did this hurt me so badly? 

I am a girl, so of course I was doing things “like a girl.” 

Why did it hurt so bad? 

The boys did not just say that as an insult to the girls, but to the boys as well. 

The thing I noticed, though, was that they only said this when someone had messed up. 

So, if someone messed up, they were a girl? This was just telling me and other young girls that boys are superior because boys do not mess up, but girls always do.

This creates a terrible mindset for young children, especially young girls. If you are doing something like a girl, it is automatically seen as something bad. It is an example of blatant sexism and how it starts when we are just children. 

According to a UN study, 90% of the world population, not just men, are biased against women. Women have always been seen as inferior to men, when in all actuality women are just as capable as men.

Men tell us we’re doing things “like a girl” but most likely do not realize the impact of it. A young boy saying that you are doing something “like a girl” is insulting girls, but he probably did not mean to insult his little sister, or his mom, or his grandmother. This saying is so engraved in our society that even women say it, most likely not even realizing how sexist and misogynistic it really is.