Sexuality and gender expression

Adolescents ache against disparaging, yet well meaning parents

Sexuality and gender expression

Some parents remain unaware of the truth behind their own children’s revealed orientation or gender.

Staying educated on the facts of both topics rests as one of the most important truths caretakers can learn to understand the effect on their queer teens.

Our guardians classify as so misinformed. Depending on how some teens grow up, as in the circumstances, they get to decide whether or not to come out to their family, friends and future acquaintances openly.

As it so happens, 77 percent of LGBTQ teenagers surveyed report feeling depressed for a number of orientation/gender related reasons, as recorded by the Human Rights Campaign.

Parents tuck their kids in, cook for them, make them do their homework, and so much more, but now they need them to do their homework because of the suffering their children are facing, inside and out.

The statistics say it all, mom and dad.

Even 67 percent of those teens notice when their own family makes derogatory comments against the LGBTQ community according to the HRC.

It’s time to change. We gotta love ‘em, but they’re loving us wrong. Parents need to learn that.

Humongous changes happen in merely a year when attending parades and gatherings of fellow members.

It is time for parents to live and learn in the gay community. Considering how many teens participate in such events or open expression, even just a little bit, parents need to help their kids and learn to understand no matter what.

The child remains youthful, despite the sudden change in their newfound identity.

On account of support, 4 in 10 queer youth say the community they live in does not support LGBTQ people says HRC.

Those parents and families either refuse to comply to learning the basics of newfound research on gender or sexual orientation or they negatively comment on it with what they believe is true about the LGBTQ community.

One by one, LGBTQ youth die by suicide. The Trevor Project has found that LGBTQ youth is five times as likely to have attempted suicide than heterosexual youth.

Relationships with same-sex partners stand out as inferior and much more difficult to understand from relationships with the opposite sex partners. With a partner of the same sex, the relationship is often carried out behind walls without the eyes of relatives.

Why should more and more youth die and suffer for being themselves? This problem is way overdue for some parenting.