Winter storm causes power outages

A power line that snapped during the storm.

Nicole Wadkins

A power line that snapped during the storm.

On February 22, 2023, an ice storm descended upon the village of Stockbridge. Taking the electricity from homes all over Michigan, over 700,000 people were left in the dark. Many schools were closed and many businesses were either closed or unable to function. Ice storms are relatively uncommon in Michigan, which happen every few years instead of every year like the snowstorms. The roads were dangerous and power lines were wrecked, seen fallen in the streets.

“My family lost power and just got it back on today,” Senior Krista Culver said. “While we were more on the lucky side for having a generator, we spent the first two days in the cold, because we needed a part to connect our furnace, and we still weren’t able to get our electricity on.”

The outdoors during the storm. (Nicole Wadkins)

Culver’s situation was one of the many cases in Michigan where families lost power to their house. Luckily, Culver was able to see the light in the situation.

“Going through situations like these helps you find out how great some people are,” Culver said. “I had a lot of people ask my family if we needed anything, offered a place to stay, etc. It makes you have faith in society more, and it made me realize who was truly there for my family and I.”