Captivated by Creativity


Senior Stuart is Cook-ing up some wild west magic in his Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. For Stuart Cook, making campaigns includes things like finding a setting for characters to interact with and picking the “bad guy” for a story. In the original campaign that Stuart made, the time period was set in the 1880s. With two kingdoms on the outer side of the map and a desert in the middle, the campaign just needed a villain. Then came along, Butcher, a cultish gang leader, ready to bring havoc to the brand new world. Stuart was set to make an extravagant story. To Stuart, seeing people react to and play through the campaigns that he makes is like “a director watching people watch their movie.” 


Dungeons and Dragons not only is a very fun activity for many, but it is also a bridge between generations. To Stuart, it’s really cool to see how his dad was doing the same things as him when he was the same age. Imagining your parent as a teenager might be kind of hard, but when they were doing the same things and creating maps for campaigns just as Stuart is doing today, it seems to become a bit easier.


Exploring your creativity in different ways is a great way to build up skills, and Stuart is no slacker. While creating campaigns, he also participates in theater. Stuart goes out of his way to participate in theater as well, because the school doesn’t have a theater program. This proves that theater is important to him, because he is participating completely out of choice and not out of the need for a credit. Whether it’s roleplaying for Dungeons and Dragons or acting, he makes it clear that creativity is not a stranger to him.