Born To Play


Junior Gracee Robidou has enjoyed Basketball for as long as she can remember. With her mother, father, her brother, her sister, and even her uncle all playing basketball in college you could say the love for the game ran through the family. 

“Basketball has always been my safe place. Like it’s always been there and doesn’t leave you no matter what happens in life,” Robidou said. 

Since she grew up around basketball she feels like it has molded her as a person. Robidou believes that she was never pressured or pushed into the sport although it surrounded her life. 

“Since I grew up around basketball I never really questioned if I liked it or not. It just felt like it was the thing to do. “ Robidou said.

Once she started playing, she just realized that she began doing it for herself and her best interest. For the past few years, she even dedicated her time to playing on a travel AAU team based out of Jackson. 

“I believe I improved so much more compared to normal school basketball teams. Travel teams are much more focused on improving individual skills to push you farther rather than the team as a whole,“ Robidou said.

Her plans for after graduation are to hopefully go to Carroll College in Montana to follow in her family’s footsteps. On the other hand, since Carroll College is out of state, she is also hoping to be invited to play at Spring Arbor University with her best friend and prior teammate Gwen Rogozinski.