Crystals have been popular items since the 1970s, but the hype has certainly died down until about 2015, and the hype has not died down since then. Even though they seem like just a fad, a 2015 Pew research says they are not. 29% of young people believe in things like crystals and spirituality. Young people opt for spiritual practices like healing crystals that allow people to mix aspects of different faiths and traditions to create an individualized spiritual practice.

Crystals are a historical practice believed to help heal internal and external imbalances. The use of crystals dates back to the Pagan and Panthesitic religions. One of the reasons people might be so interested in crystals is because of Gen Z’s obsession with all things supernatural, according to T. This includes things like tarot, astrology, and palm readings. 

Some people use crystals to help them connect to the Deities (God or Goddess) they worship.

“I’m Kemetic, and my crystals help me connect with Anubis, whom I work with,” said junior Devon Maxwell. “They can have different properties that help the mind and spirit, and can help you connect with deities if you so choose. My favorite is obsidian, which protects and keeps you grounded.”

Out of all crystals, some have recently become the most popular amongst people. According to Fossilera, amethyst is the most common crystal among users. Amethyst is said to bring feelings of self love and love for others, according to Healthline.

While many scientists criticize people’s obsession with crystals since they are not proven to actually do anything physically, they are just like religion in the sense that they can help people feel more calm and safe while being harmless and relatively cheap.

“It started as just collecting pretty rocks and then I started to read into them more and use them for my mindful meditations,” senior Kara Brown said. “They are like a comfort item that helps me relax.”