Humans of Stockbridge: Steve Allison


Shailynn Walker

Steve Allison graduated from SHS, and after graduating from Spring Arbor University, he came back to SHS to teach math.


Graduating from Stockbridge back in 1998, Steven Allison is now a math teacher where he went to school at. Allison has been teaching here for 19 years. Allison thinks that the best part of teaching is watching students succeed. “And [students] are like, “Oh I get it now.’ And everything makes sense. And so far teachers, a lot of times, that’s our payment,” Allison said. He has always taught math, but also computer science discoveries. His role here at Stockbridge is not just a teacher but a track coach too. He has been the boys track coach from 2004-2008 and switched to girls track coach in 2019.