Your matter matters

You do not need to change yourself for others. You should be okay with “taking up space” in this world, and I am here to show you why and how.

I have always felt like a burden, like I take up too much space in this world, but after reading Sandra Ajaja’s article, “How I’m finally learning how to take up space” I was inspired. Taking up space means feeling visible, using your voice and feeling like you belong in every place you go. You should not feel bad about taking up space in this world. You are important, and you do belong here, no matter what anyone else says.

“Plenty of people will decide that you can’t do something,” television producer Shonda Rhimes said. “Plenty of people will decide that this room is not for you to be in. Your only job is for you to decide that every room you are in is a room that you belong in, and to remain there. I always think that’s the most important thing—to feel like you belong in every room you’re in”

It is in our nature to change ourselves in some way to make someone else more comfortable. We should never have to change our opinions or anything about ourselves just to make someone else more comfortable. 

Taking up space means finding the strength in your own voice.

A way to be more okay with “taking up space” is learning to edit our vocabulary. You do not need to say I’m sorry, excuse me, or pardon me before stating your opinion. 

You are putting yourself in the mindset that your opinion and what you have to say are an inconvenience to others when it is not.

Progress is NOT perfection. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to ask a question you think sounds stupid. It is okay to state an opinion, even if it might be wrong. 

Loving yourself is the most important thing you can do.  You are the most important person to yourself, and you need to believe it. 

“Learning to love myself was one of the best things I could do to help boost my confidence and self esteem,” junior Ashlee Chubb said.

You can exist in this world without thinking you are a burden. Everything you do is important and spectacular, and you need to recognize that.

You can take up more space by honoring your own achievements. Downplaying your achievements will not do anything good for you because they are indeed a big deal. Practice saying “Thank you” and actually meaning it when you receive compliments. It is not wrong for you to feel like you did a good job. 

Another thing that you can do to help yourself is to practice self care. The idea of self care might seem weird, but it is actually quite easy. It can mean different things for each and every person. Self care can help you feel more comfortable with yourself while also doing positive things to better your own well-being. Some ways you can practice self care are skin care, positive affirmations, watching your favorite movie, or meditating are just some examples.

Although it may not be an easy journey, you need to commit to it. You are important. You are loved. Yes, you take up space in this world but that is not a bad thing. 

You need to be confident, speak your truth, take up more space than you ever have before and feel great about it.