Face off: To love or not to love


No students were hurt in the making of this article. Olyvia is definitely safe and alive, and those rumors of her demise by the hands of Gaven the Grinch of Valentine’s Day are only rumors.

– Kayne Hilt Uncaged Student News Web Editor

Gaven Numinen, Business Manager


Why  is Valentine’s day a holiday!? Actually it isn’t. Originally it was a feast that only few people celebrated because of the death of Saint Valentine. Companies then started to get involved and added chocolate and romance to the holiday to make sales. Which would make it a company holiday or “Hallmark Holiday” because companies changed the whole day to something they wanted. Why are companies trying to make money off of a dead Saint? Also why should you only celebrate romance one day of the year?!

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Since so many people are left out and it’s expensive. According to CNN, 47.3 percent of the American population are single. Which would mean that 115.78 million people will be left out of this holiday.  Even if you are not left out from the holiday, you are still spending a lot of money. For example people spend an average of $142 on gifts alone and flowers are usually more expensive on valentines day too. Even though they are going to die soon. People are also given the idea that they need to make reservations at a restaurant which could also cost up to $170. So all together people are usually spending $312 on this one day alone! That’s enough money to buy groceries for the next 3 months! Plus that’s more money than what people spend on their anniversary on average!

This is the reason why Valentine’s Day is a bad holiday. It’s expensive, it excludes a lot of people, and it’s not even a real holiday.  Now am I saying you shouldn’t celebrate the holiday? No. By all means celebrate it if you want to. I’m just stating why I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day