Humans of Stockbridge: Benjamin Kruse


Madi Gipe

Stockbridge highschool math teacher, Benjamin Kruse helps students grow in their faith.


“I first heard about FCA through Mr. Hejnal who had been running it successfully for a number of years,” Math teacher Benjamin Kruse said.

FCA is important to Kruse in many ways “it gives me a platform to express my faith with students and encourage their walk with Christ,” Kruse said. FCA is a place for students to be exposed to Christianity.“ It also allows for the opportunity to expose more people to the type of accepting, forgiving, and saving love of God, which is the true form of Christianity,” Kruse said.

Kruse also relates FCA to his high-school life, “ Athletics were an important part of my high school experience and proved to be instrumental in my growth as a Christian because of the connections I found between being an athlete and being a Christian,” Kruse said.

Kruse has many hopes for the kids in FCA “My hope for kids in FCA is that they continue to grow closer to Jesus and be the hands and feet that we are called to be, both now and in the future,” Kruse said.