Farmers state bank art competition

Picture a huge brick castle connecting to a bridge leading to the entrance across a surrounding moat. In front, there’s a horse standing stationary with rolling hills and mountains landscaping the background view with only the light of the moon illuminating the night sky. 

This beautiful scene represents the award winning work in the Farmer’s State Artwork Competition.

The Grand Prize winner, second grader Henry Marshall, won the one hundred dollar gift card by bringing his creativity to the table. Marshall drew the stationary horse on a path in front of mountains. 

One of the category winners is fourth grader Caroline Hicks, who drew the huge castle with a bridge surrounded by a moat. Sixth grader Xavier Zimmerman won for a drawing of a barn with rolling hills and mountains.

Senior Sarah Steenbeke drew a darkened night with the moon and butterflies in the sky and each category winner won a twenty five dollar gift card. 

During art class, art teacher Jay Langone mentioned the artwork contest to Steenbeke. With little confidence, she agreed to submit her painting to the contest.

“I participated because he asked me,” Steenbeke said, “I was baffled that my artwork was even good enough.” 

Describing her joy in the idea of whimsical butterflies in the night’s sky with the moon, Steenbeke said, “All my pieces are a reflection of what I think is pretty or enjoyable.”

Each of the winners have their artwork professionally mounted and shown in the Stockbridge or Munith bank offices plus features of the pieces on their Facebook pages.