Fantasy football scores attention of local NFL fans



Competition. With his teammates running beside him, #6 Brad Niec is also running against them in his fantasy football league.

Fantasy football scores attention of local NFL fans (Sports Feature/Culture)

Staff Reporter Tyler Showerman

Imagine a world where you could handpick the best players across the NFL to craft your very own team. The talent of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Ezekiel Elliott and Le’Veon Bell could be combined to make a dominating offense. Sounds like fantasy, but some football fans know how to make it reality. 

Students and teachers around the school are becoming experts at composing their own teams, and you can too.


Rita Stricklin, English teacher and football enthusiast, has tips that she swears by. Her family watches football religiously, so she knows her facts.

“Never draft a QB first round,” Stricklin said. The quarterback position runs deep in the NFL. You have many options when drafting these players, which is why you should focus on drafting reliable running backs first.

“I always pick a high scoring wide receiver or running back first,” Stricklin said. “This year, I’m in a PPR league so I picked Todd Gurley first overall. He’s a top running back who also gets quite a few receptions, and he’s been a consistently high scorer.” 

Brad Niec, senior wide receiver and cornerback, knows the secrets to a successful season. “Draft players who are like the only good players on their team. If they have to split reps with someone else, they won’t score as many points,” he said.

Niec’s team is 7-0, and he is currently winning his league.

While your knowledge of football plays a huge role in your success, sometimes it’s just pure luck. If your star player gets injured, or your team has a bad week, your scores will hurt.

The Fantasy Experience

Although becoming a champion is the goal, fantasy football is more than just winning.

“It makes me care about some of the other games that are on,” Stricklin said. “I’m a Lions fan, so I always watch that game, but if I have a fantasy player on my team for the Rams, then I’m likely going to watch the Rams game, too. I also like that it’s something my husband and I do together. We always play in a league together.” 

Fantasy football helps people connect.

“My favorite thing about it is competing with my friends. We’re super competitive, even when it comes to games like this,” Niec said.

For Beginners
After you draft your ideal team and join a league, real time statistics from players on your active roster are converted into fantasy points each game. The points system has specific conversions for each statistic on offense and defense. The fantasy season is 13 weeks long, and playoffs begin in Week 14.

Side Bar Tips

  • Make a plan before the draft starts. Do your research and come prepared. 
  • Think of a catchy name for your team. This adds fun to the fantasy experience.
  • Don’t worry about drafting defense or a kicker first. Get a reliable offense. 
  •  Always draft running backs early on. They are vital to your team.