Pie in the sky

Principal and teacher get pan full of dessert to the face for aviation club fundraiser

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The aviation club raised money for club hoodies and a trip to the Air Zoo using a sweet, unique idea: picking a teacher to get a pie to the face.


The group raised $326, a number club president Chloe Miner is very pleased with. Miner got the idea while asking principal Jeffrey Trapp for permission to do a fundraiser just as sweet, but not as silly.

“We asked [Trapp] because we were going to do a bake sale,” Miner said. “He said he actually proposed an idea to everyone for the past few years and no one actually takes it serious.”

Trapp had seen the idea before and told the the club members it was a good way to make a few hundred dollars in a week.

“It does draw attention because some people would like to see someone get pied in the face,” thought Trapp.

Out of the two lunches, history teacher Timothy Salow and Trapp raised the most money in change jars to win the honorable face pieing.

Trapp said he was “pretty surprised” when he got pied.

“One of [the students] had slipped up and said Smite had won,” Trapp said. “Come to find out, I think Smite

put some more money in after the fact” to make sure he didn’t receive the honor.


Salow was not surprised at all when he found out he had won.

“I pretty much knew all week,” Salow said. “After the first day I had more money in my jar than anyone else.”

Salow accounted for $214 out of the total, making more than all the other teachers combined.

“I smelt like vanilla for the rest of the day,” Salow said. “I couldn’t get that smell out of my nose.”

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