Momo challenge disturbs children, school responds

Momo challenge disturbs children, school responds


A Japanese sculpture made by artist Keisuke Aiso blasted through the internet scaring children. You know her as “Momo.” Parents and administrators know her as a threat.

In response, kindergarten through eighth grade underwent the blocking of a popular social network, YouTube, according to junior high principal Meghan Kunzelman.

The Momo Challenge, mostly saw as a hoax, saw a tremendous rise in fear of parents that their children could become involved in this dare. No harm has come from this character as reported by authorities.

CNN reported that, “the Momo Challenge, the experts will tell you, is probably not something to worry about.”

But, CNN later reported that a Sacramento woman claimed her, “12 year daughter turned on a gas stove and left it,” in response to the challenge.

So, locally,  precautions have been implemented to help protect children.

We just thought it was important to let parents know that it was out there and could potentially scare their children,” Kunzelman said.

Only elementary and middle school students have been affected by this blockage. “The high school has a bunch of students on Michigan virtual classes and Khan Academy, both of those utilize YouTube videos,” Kunzelman said. “So,  that could potentially hinder the high school students.”

In 2016, the Blue Whale Challenge was quite similar, making children cut themselves with razor blades and carving whales into their skin. With the Momo Challenge, similar events have unfolded except there have “not been any suicides linked to it” according to

New information about the Momo Challenge is being added every day. Asio issued a message stating, “The children can be reassured Momo is dead, she doesn’t exist and the curse is gone.”