Get thrifty with it

Why throw your money out the window on a new spring wardrobe when you can thrift it for half the price? Come along and learn how to hunt for the hottest fashion trends without breaking the bank.

June 12, 2018

Make a plan

Map out what stores you want to go to, how much you want to spend and what types of pieces you are looking for.

Pay attention

Most thrift stores have special deals posted somewhere in the front of the store that let shoppers know if there are any tag colors or specific sections of the store they should look for sales, so keep your eyes open.

Give yourself time

When going thrift shopping make sure to give myself at least a three hour or more time frame. Thrifting is like a treasure hunt: It takes time, so do not get discouraged if it takes a while to find an amazing piece because, in the end, you will have a unique piece that no one else has at half of the price of a piece from the mall.


Look closely

Make sure that the material is good quality and that there are no stains or tears in the fabric. Spending less money on the clothes does not mean you should buy something that looks any less appealing than something you may have bought at a big name store.

Do not be afraid to look

Look in sections that may not be labeled as your gender. Just because you may be a girl does not mean you should fear going to look at the t-shirts in the men’s section. You can find tons of great items if you look everywhere and keep your options open.

Pick and choose

If there are fitting rooms, try on what you have found. Decide what you like the most and what you do not like, making sure it fits you well. If you would not buy an ill fitting piece of clothing at the mall, why would you buy it at the thrift store?

Show the world!

Go out and show off your new unique threads.


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