Humans of Stockbridge


“One summer, a few years ago, me and my family went to our cabin up north in July. We were there earlier than usual and that year we also celebrated my little sister’s birthday up there. However, we didn’t celebrate it at the cabin. We instead celebrated it while we were at a waterpark that was close by. And, what happened there was hilarious because we didn’t have any plates or any silverware, so when we actually had our cheesecake to eat, we had to use cups and coffee straws to be able to eat it and cut it up. Also, since it was our first time at a waterpark we got to go there and have fun; it was the first time we ever did that. I did end up getting injured twice while there, which now that I look back on it, I felt bad for the lifeguard. I fell once and scraped up my knees and the lifeguard had to fix that up, and then once we were about to leave, I went down a slide and whammed my elbow against it and tore out flesh off, so the lifeguard had to come up to me again and fix it up. She said, ‘Wow, you’re just like a trouble magnet aren’t you?’ It’s really funny looking back on that memory because I remember just sulking in the car eating taffy after getting injured.”