Humans of Stockbridge

“My grandpa passed away and that was the first death I’ve really had to deal with. It was different. It was harder to watch everybody kind of fall apart. He passed away in June of last year, which didn’t really hit too hard because he didn’t get sick until two months before he passed, so then we had no pre-warning like, he was just sick. He was a Vietnam veteran, and since Memorial Day just happened, there’s been a lot of talking about him. We went to a memorial in Ypsilanti for him. So, the reminder of him being gone still continues on. It’s still affecting my family with holidays and stuff; my grandma, she’s not the same. Like, I don’t know how you can live without the person you love like that has to be hard. We always used to go out fishing and mushroom season was just here and he wasn’t there to go out with us like usual. He always knew the best spots. There were so many traditions that we used to do and we don’t do anymore and you just mope about them now.”