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‘The Color Purple’ leaves audience tickled pink

Feminism shines through as voices unite in a moving performance

February 13, 2018


Dear God,


Thank you for blessing the general public with the U.S. tour of the Broadway musical, “The Color Purple.”

The Tony and Emmy award winning Broadway performance has toured the U.S. for 12 months, with the final tour date set for January 8.   Zabrina Yannella

A cast filled with actors and actresses such as Adrianna Hicks and Carla R. Stewart, who star as Celie and Shug Avery, gives a performance that will make the audience’s heart break and fall in love at the same time.


The first act starts off in Georgia in 1909 with Celie and Nettie singing “Huckleberry Pie” and the company joins in for their rendition of “Mysterious Ways.” The opening songs leaves the crowd ecstatically waiting for more.

Once Celie marries her husband Mister, her sister Nettie becomes nonexistent and Celie began to think she died. The audience feels her pain and wants to help her reunite with her sister, Nettie.

In her powerful performance of “Hell No” that allows her to express her desire for a feminist future that left the crowd hootin’ and hollerin’, Carrie Compere urges Celie to leave her husband to start a better life. When Mister’s ex-girlfriend Shug Avery comes to town all hell breaks loose, pun intended.

Shug goes from being the town slut to one of Celie’s best friends turned lovers, but eventually gets tired of Celie and leaves her broken and alone once again.

In heart-wrenching story we watched Celie lose everything and everyone she had ever loved in the blink of an eye.



The performance “African Homeland” shows the desperation in the characters to be reunited one day and left the crowd in awe.

Celie leaves her husband after years of physical and mental abuse and goes on to inherit the house she grew up in. She opens her own business making custom-fit pants of all shapes, sizes and colors in the vivid and ground-shaking song “Miss Celie’s Pants” that left the house ready to put on their dancing shoes and sing along.

Celie went from having nothing to having everything.

In the final scene, Celie and Nettie are reunited after many years, and Celie is able to finally meet her children Adam and Sofia, for the first time since being seperated.

The play leaves the house booming with a sense of empowerment and gives hope that the viewers can push past the hardships life sends their way.

I came into the Fisher not knowing what to expect, and left with a great appreciation for the amount of freedom I have in my life, and the ability to support other women in my life in everything they do.

Zabrina Yannella

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