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Zabrina Yannella

The best ways to achieve

Tips and tricks on reaching your resolution

February 14, 2017

Does this scenario sound familiar: Math is getting worse and worse. It seems almost impossible to bring that D- up to an A when there are only two weeks left to the end of the marking period. Not only is that one of the worries, but now getting in shape and losing weight are on the line.

But wait, there’s more. Concerns about grades are beginning to show with the parents, so arguments about the future and college erupt.

All of it is difficult, especially when teens do not believe they can achieve a goal they have set with certain circumstances happening.

Although hardships and distractions get in the way of achieving a goal, there are ways to overcome those problems.

However, these are ways you can be inspired to focus better until you are greatly satisfied.

Believe in yourself, have confidence

It sounds cliché, but having confidence in yourself can go a long way. Having a good attitude and treating yourself better is a beneficial way to start building up confidence. One of the students who has found this truth is senior Hillary Hantz.

“I keep myself motivated,” Hantz said. “For example, I’m going to college next semester. That’s a big goal, because I’m still in high school, and I have a lot of stress already. I’ve been trying to just be confident with what I’m spending my time on and the things I’m not spending time on, so that way I’ll have time to do harder classes that I haven’t been doing in high school.”

A lack of confidence prevents students from trying to accomplish something they desire. It also causes some to always look down upon themselves no matter what goals they try to reach.

According to Ann Arbor therapist Kathleen Nelson, ¨A positive self-esteem and believing you can do it certainly does help. If you start out with ‘I’m not going to be able to do this’ you won’t. You need to stay positive, believe you can do it. Posting a positive quote to look at and reading every day is also helpful.¨

Add to your routine

Somehow during the day, no matter how big or small, try to add in little bits and pieces to achieve a goal until the process is fully completed.

“Depends on what the goal is, but if you can make small changes toward a bigger goal, it’s easier to get there,” Stockbridge student support specialist Judy Brune said.

Also, if it seems difficult to try to stay organized with a routine, try recording your schedule with your add-ins to a calendar either on a phone or on a wall at home.

English teacher Alaina Feliks also has this issue. “Everybody’s busy, so it’s really hard to concentrate because there’s a lot of other things in your life and responsibilities that people have to do,” Feliks said. So, that’s why I think making a plan is important, because otherwise, you’re busy and things come up.”

Some people cannot change at all unless they change their routine, according to senior Cade Wright.

“I feel like you have to change your routine if you aren’t already on the path to achieve a goal so you have to be able to change to adjust and really make sure you do what you can,” Wright said. Behavioral scientist Jason Riis of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School said, “Taking a fresh start can have a powerful psychological effect that leads to positive behavioral change as well.”

Asking for help

You do not have to be all alone in a difficult situation. Asking a friend, family member or someone close to you for help when trying to meet your goals can help you reach them. But, when you have someone on your side, like a friend you trust, making sure you are doing well can possibly boost self-esteem and keep you on course.

“Usually when I need help I’ll go to my brothers,” sophomore Brody Canfield says, “they are the people I trust the most and because they know things that could help me.”

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