Humans of Stockbridge

Rita Alonso

“When did you you get into painting?”

“It was last year in English 9. I always do a research project with my students, and I chose to do one on embroidery because I always thought I wanted to do that because I did it in the past. Once I started making some embroidery, I started to get books about embroidery. Then I saw the books on the shelf that were about art and painting. I was even looking online and I thought, “Wow, if I like embroidery I’ll maybe try that.” That lead me to art, and so now I have been doing a lot more art and less sewing, but I’ve combined them a little bit as you can see with some of the thread. I would say that a lot of my work ended up being more what people call “multi-media,” meaning that some of it is paint I like to use pens, like white and black pens to outline, because I can’t do the details with the paint as well.