Mens and womens track in full stride

Track athletes begin season

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Taylor Machette

Grade: 12

Womens Track

Track in three words: collaboration, independence, rewarding

“I like the sport because it gives you a chance to be around people with many different talents.”

“It’s all about how much you push yourself. All of your body is in pain because there’s no breaks. It’s the most demanding mentally and physically.”


Julia Olson

Grade: 11

Womens Track

Track in three words: fulfilling, challenging, beneficial

“…Track is a challenging sport, but the people that support you make it worthwhile.”

“People think that anyone can do it, but there’s a lot of training that you have to put in. It’s just like every sport, but it’s not. I run miles and miles every day, what other sport can say they do that?”


Alan Baird

Grade: 11

Mens Track

Track in three words: hard work, dedication, time-consuming

“I like doing track because it’s something I am good at. It’s enjoyable to compete against other people from other schools who I’ve never even met.”

“People overlook how much work and effort we put in as a team.”


Jade Heaviland

Grade: 10

Womens Track

Track in three words: commitment, endurance, character

“Track is a great sport because there’s always room to improve and better yourself. One second means everything when you’re competing.”

“I think that our track teams are underestimated, so people don’t realize how good we actually are.”


Cade Wright

Grade: 11

Mens Track

Track in three words: ambition, leadership, testing

“I like to always push myself to see how far I can throw a discus.”

“People don’t see that track is really enjoyable;. Our meets are really fun, but people just think they’re long and boring.”




Womens Varsity Soccer: Led by a small group of seniors, the Lady Panthers are 3-5-1 to open the season. With a few more home games left, the players are looking to finish with a winning record.


Junior Varsity Baseball: Coming into his second year as head coach, Doug Merhof and his team won the 2016 JV Panther Baseball tournament on Saturday, April 16.
Varsity Softball: After the departure of former head coach Darren Hejnal, the new head coach, Jesica Brooks, who was a former catcher at Webberville High School, and coached one season at Dansville, looks to boost her team to a winning season and a possible district title.

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